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The Napoelonicist Podcast

Zack White | @zwhitehistory

University of Southampton


The Napoleonicist is a semi-interactive podcast on the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. It aims to bring those with all levels of knowledge (and none) together to understand the period, and debate hotly contested questions about the conflict. Teamed with the Napoleon Series Forum at www.thenapoleonicwars.net/forum, The Napoleonicist is designed with interactivity in mind, with listeners being able to discuss in the forum, as well as ask questions, or make requests for future episodes. In addition to answering questions in the forum, the podcast’s creator also does a monthly round up of some of the bigger questions which have been asked, putting the listener in control of some of the content.

With interviews, research papers, reviews, lectures, narratives, Q&A sessions, and much more, this podcast, starting in April 2020, allows you to get involved, and get the answers you really want on one of the most tumultuous periods in history.


Zack is a PhD Researcher at the University of Southampton, specialising in the Napoleonic Wars. He is the coordinator of the BCMH’s ‘Next Gen Network’, was the founder and inaugural Editor in Chief of the journal ‘Romance, Revolution & Reform’, and runs the website www.thenapoleonicwars.net, and the podcast ‘The Napoleonicist’. His research interests are in the social impact of conflict, soldier behaviour in conflict zones, and crime and punishment in the army.

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