History Goes On

Through the eyes of a Naval Cadet and Midshipman:

Life in the 19th century Royal Navy

Luke Tomes

University of Southampton

YouTube: WriteHistoryDocumentaries


Documentary uncovering and exploring the life of a naval cadet and midshipman who served in the Royal navy from 1857 - 1873, using three personal logs and a sword passed down the generations. Charles Saville Broome lived in a period of relative peace, the era known as 'Pax Britannica', nevertheless his logs are still full of fascinating material covering themes such as corporal punishment, naval academies and colleges, death and disease, steam power etc.


Luke Tomes is a 21-year-old student at the University of Southampton reading MA History. An aspiring historical filmmaker looking to become the next Dan Snow, Luke has produced and presented a host of documentaries covering a wide range of historical periods and subjects. With a keen passion for histories of empire, and specifically the topic of Atlantic slavery in the 18th and early-19th century, Luke’s undergraduate dissertation explored the Abolition of Slave Trade in Britain, providing a new dimension to the historiographical debate on why exactly Britain decided to permanently end the trafficking of Africans to the Americas – at a time when the  trade reached its zenith in terms of its profitability and value to the British treasury.

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