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Zack White (Team Leader) | @zwhitehistory

Zack is a PhD Researcher at the University of Southampton, specialising in the Napoleonic Wars. He is the coordinator of the BCMH’s ‘Next Gen Network’, was the founder and inaugural Editor in Chief of the journal ‘Romance, Revolution & Reform’, and runs the website www.thenapoleonicwars.net, and the podcast ‘The Napoleonicist’. His research interests are in the social impact of conflict, soldier behaviour in conflict zones, and crime and punishment in the army.


Phoebe Style (Social Media) | @phoebe_style

Phoebe is a MA History student at the University of Southampton, specialising in the impact of 20th century conflicts on civilians. She is the BCMH’s Social Media Rep, and is Deputy Editor of the website www.thenapoleonicwars.net. Her research interests are in sexual violence in conflict zones, gender and conflict, and conflict after 1945.


Anna Vakulenko | @lerussesatan

Anna has an MA in Economics, but is a history geek at heart. Primary historical interests are Napoleonic Wars and Early Medieval Russia.


Leanna Brinkley | @leannatasmin

Dr Leanna Brinkley completed her PhD in February 2020, under the supervision of Dr Craig Lambert at the University of Southampton. Her doctoral research focused on Elizabethan coastal trade and revolved around a dataset of over 4000 coastal voyages recovered from the National Archives' collection of port book records. Leanna is now looking to expand on her doctoral research, exploring the impact of naval warfare on Tudor provincial ports. 



Anna Nowobilska |



Kirsty Haslam | @kcihaslam

Kirsty is a PhD researcher based at the University of Aberdeen. Her work examines the social and cultural impact of warfare in late medieval and early modern Scotland, focusing on Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. She is particularly interested in artistic and monumental depictions of the warrior/soldier and the impact of warfare on communal and regional relationships in Scottish burghs.


Sophy Antrobus | @drsophyantrobus

Dr Sophy Antrobus lectures in history and strategic studies with the University of Portsmouth. She completed her PhD with the Department of History at the University of Exeter in November 2019 and is an Honorary Research Fellow with her former department. She has been researching the political fight for the RAF from its inception in 1917 to the end of the 1920s. Prior to her PhD, Sophy served for twenty years in the RAF, including on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. 



Simon Lam | @simonlam98  u/hellcatfighter

Simon is a MA History of War student at King's College London, specialising in the Second Sino-Japanese War. His research interests are in allied cooperation and conflict in South China, intelligence-military cooperation, and the Guomindang army.