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The French Break In at Hougoumont with Professor Tony Pollard

Professor Tony Pollard | @ProfTonyPollard



In this lecture, Professor Tony Pollard explains how the French attempted to break through the North Gate of Hougoumont Farm, one of the Allies' major defensive positions during the Battle of Waterloo. The resulting fight to keep out the French resulted in some of the bloodiest fighting of the battle, and led Wellington to later declare: "the success of the battle turned upon the closing of the gates at Hougoumont". For more information about Waterloo Uncovered and to watch more of our Lockdown


Tony Pollard is a Professor of Conflict History and Archaeology, and the Director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, at the University of Glasgow. He is also an Archaeological Director with Waterloo Uncovered, the charity that combines world-class archaeology with veteran support and recovery.

How to access the episode:

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