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Napoleonic Era Conflict

Below is a list of video and audio lectures on conflict in the Napoleonic period. To watch a talk, or for more information on what its about, click on the title of the lecture.


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Lectures and Conference Papers

Harding, Phil, 'A Tale of Two Buttons with Phil Harding'

Harding, Phil, 'Battle for the North Gate with Phil Harding'

Pollard, Tony, 'Blood in the Orchard at Hougoumont with Professor Tony Pollard'

Pollard, Tony, 'The French Break In at Hougoumont with Professor Tony Pollard'

Pollard, Tony, 'The Killing Ground of Hougoumont with Professor Tony Pollard'

Pollard, Tony, 'An Introduction to Hougoumont with Professor Tony Pollard'

Eve, Stuart, 'A Virtual Tour of Hougoumont with Dr Stuart Eve'

Kirkby, Michael, 'Expedition to Quiberon Bay, 1795'


Griffith, Robert, 'Rogues with Rifles'



White, Zack - The Napoleonicist Podcast


Rummage, Everett - The Age of Napoleon Podcast


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