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WWI Communication in Picture

Kenneth Lloyd | kenlloyd.mediator@gmail.com

The Vintage Signals Team


A member of the Vintage Signals Team explains two important communication devices from WWI including the Heliograph and Signal Lamps. He wears a blue and white armband to denote his trade. 


The Vintage Signals Team  tell the story of communication from Phidippides through to the Cold War.  We do this in an interactive manner.  We teach visitors to our events about the equipment: Heliographs, Signal Lamps, Semaphore flags and then we invite them to try the equipment themselves.  The equipment we use is authentic although we have no real way to track exactly who used the equipment and when.  The Team use Morse Code keys and simple ciphers in workshops.  And the Team recently purchased a digital Enigma machine to tell the continuing story of communication.  The VST have done a series of lectures on the history of communication from the Boer War to cyberwar.  

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