History Goes On

John Borlase Warren

and the Expedition to Quiberon Bay 1795

Michael Kirkby


In 1795, the British government found a very small opening to restore the French monarchy and a chance to fight back against the tide of Republicanism sweeping through France. A British admiral, armed only with six thousand Royalist exiles and a glimmer of opportunity, was tasked to land this small force on the tiny Quiberon Peninsula with the expectation they would gain momentum and defeat the newly formed Republican government.


However, a lack of leadership, resources and mis-communication between the Royal Navy and the Royalist emigres soon plunged the expedition into a desperate fight for survival.


Michael Kirkby is a Nottingham based military historian with a special interest in the
British Army between 1700 and 1900 from a localised level. He is the author of Nottingham versus Napoleon and contributes to several local history forums. Michael is currently working on a new book, The Redcoats of Nottinghamshire.

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