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A Tale of Two Buttons with Phil Harding

Phil Harding



In the second of Phil Harding's Lockdown Lectures for Waterloo Uncovered, Phil explains how archaeology can connect us to the people of the past, and how even the smallest items of personal kit can tell the stories of forgotten soldiers. Watch to find out more about the buttons of Hougoumont, lost during the Battle of Waterloo and rediscovered last year during our excavation at the famous North Gate. For more information about Waterloo Uncovered and to watch more of our Lockdown Lectures, please visit https://www.waterloouncovered.com.


Phil Harding is best known for his work on Channel 4’s Time Team. He is now a fieldwork archaeologist with Wessex Archaeology and an Archaeological Supervisor for Waterloo Uncovered, the charity that combines world-class archaeology with veteran support and recovery.

How to access the episode:

Click here: https://youtu.be/p_J4tRwCyaU