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Battle for the North Gate with Phil Harding

Phil Harding



In this lecture, Time Team's Phil Harding talks us through the battle within a battle that took place at Waterloo, and, according to the Duke of Wellington, turned the tides of the battle in the Allies favour: the Battle for the North Gate at Hougoumont! For more information about Waterloo Uncovered and to watch more of our Lockdown Lectures, please visit https://www.waterloouncovered.com.


Phil Harding is best known for his work on Channel 4’s Time Team. He is now a fieldwork archaeologist with Wessex Archaeology and an Archaeological Supervisor for Waterloo Uncovered, the charity that combines world-class archaeology with veteran support and recovery.

How to access the episode:

Click here: https://youtu.be/fyAoqoQ-wac