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Below is a list of all those who have contributed a talk to the 'History Goes On' site, along with the titles of each of their talks. All contributors are listed alphabetically.


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Brooker-Corcoran, Molly - The Biased Historian Blog 

Clarke, Alexander - 'Battle of River Plate'

Clarke, Alexander - 'Back Pocket Cruisers Presentation'

Clarke, Alexander - 'The Royal Navy in 1939, more than  just a question of geography'

Clarke, Alexander - 'Royal Navy and Maritime Law'

Clarke, Alexander - 'Tribal Class Vessels'

Clifford, Alexander - History's Most Podcast

Curry, Anne - 'The soldiers of English royal armies 1369 to 1453'

Davie, HGW - 'Logistics of a Combined-Arms Army of the Red Army'

Eve, Stuart, 'A Virtual Tour of Hougoumont with Dr Stuart Eve'

Griffith, Robert, 'Rogues with Rifles'

Harding, Phil, 'A Tale of Two Buttons with Phil Harding'


Harding, Phil, 'Battle for the North Gate with Phil Harding'

Kirkby, Michael, 'Expedition to Quiberon Bay, 1795'

Livesay, Wesley, 'History of the Great War'

Lloyd, Kenneth - 'About the Vintage Signals Team'


Lloyd, Kenneth - 'WWI Communication in Picture'

Marriott, Andrew - 'Manufactured Tradition? - The Victoria Cross'

Matthews, Gethin - 'Seeing the contribution of Welsh women in the First World War'


Philips, Christopher -  'A steadily increasing blue strip'

Pluskowski, Aleks - 'Baltic Crusades & ecological transformation'

Pluskowski, Aleks - BBC Radio 4: Baltic Crusades

Pluskowski, Aleks - 'The Baltic Crusades: ArcGIS Story Map'

Pluskowski, Aleks - 'The Ecology of Crusading Archive'

Pluskowski, Aleks - 'Theocratic rule, native agency and transformation'

Pollard, Tony ' An Introduction to Hougoumont with Professor Tony Pollard'

Pollard, Tony, 'Blood in the Orchard at Hougoumont with Professor Tony Pollard'

Pollard, Tony, 'The French Break In at Hougoumont with Professor Tony Pollard'


Pollard, Tony, 'The Killing Ground of Hougoumont with Professor Tony Pollard'

Rees, Owen -  Greek Land Warfare - Special Guest Episode of The History of Ancient Greece Podcast

Rummage, Everett - The Age of Napoleon Podcast

Tomes, Luke - 'Life in the 19th century Royal Navy'



White, Zack,  Olivia Smith and Phoebe Style - Khaki Malarkey Podcast

White, Zack - The Napoleonicist Podcast