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Molly Brooker-Corcoran | @MollyAnneBC

University of Southampton


thebiasedhistorian gets its name from my belief that your biases can help the study of history (if used correctly). I for one, have an enormous bias towards women’s history, and animal history, and that makes me incredibly passionate about the subjects. Through thebiasedhistorian I hope to showcase my passions, and educate readers
a little bit more on my favourite areas of history. One of the women I focus most on is
Elizabeth I, her fight and passion (especially when she was young) is something that really inspires and intrigues me. History blogs are by their very nature personal, and it is the personal experiences of studying history which I find most exciting. In sharing my experiences, and reasons for loving Elizabeth I, or for defending animals, I hope to get others more excited about their personal experiences too.


My name is Molly Brooker-Corcoran, I’m a 23 year old History graduate, from the University of Birmingham, currently studying for my Masters in History at the University of Southampton. I am an aspiring Public Historian/Historical journalist using this blog to explore my interests and improve my writing. Interested in the
history of women, animals, mental illness and the Tudors.

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