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Founded in the 1960s, the BCMH is the UK branch of the International Commission for Military History. Its members come from all walks of life, from academics and members of the armed forces, to veterans, students and those who just have an interest in military history.

The BCMH is at the forefront of efforts to support research into conflict across history. Its journal, the British Journal of Military History, can be accessed for free at www.bjmh.org.uk. Our members benefit from discounted rates at conferences and talks we sponsor or run, as well as discounts on military history books, and access to research funding and competitions. For more information on the BCMH, and its activities visit www.bcmh.org.uk

The BCMH is committed to supporting the military historians of the future, and has recently unveiled its ‘Next Gen Network’, offering advice, training and networking opportunities for BA, MA and PhD students. To join the Next Gen Network for free, email Zack White at z.white@soton.ac.uk


Anyone can join the BCMH, and gain access to the exclusive benefits of membership. The membership fee is £30 a year, with all of your money being used to fund events for our members and support the study of all periods and facets of military history. To join, just fill out this form, and send it to hib0u@msn.com. If you don’t know someone in the BCMH who can ‘sponsor’ you, ‘History Goes On’ team leader Zack White will act as your ‘sponsor’.


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